Our mission is to see every person freed, every survivor healed, and every life restored.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization passionate about utilizing artistic expression to advocate for the victims of human trafficking. We raise awareness and empower healing and holistic restoration by telling the story of a survivor of human trafficking.

We don’t make light of this issue, we bring light to this issue. Changing mindsets changes actions. We believe that when we collectively take action, we will see human trafficking defeated.


We talk about the numbers, but we also talk about the stories. She who was violated. She who was objectified. She who was bought and sold. We believe she is always to be dignified, never again objectified.

So we will not stop telling these stories and raising awareness. Not until every person is freed. Every survivor healed. Every life restored.



To see every person freed, every survivor healed, and every life restored.

We utilize artistic expression to advocate for the survivors of human trafficking through:

Raising awareness

Empowering healing

Equipping holistic restoration


We believe that art speaks when words fail. Human trafficking is a hard and heavy topic, and too often we fail to find the words to describe it.

UNCHAINED uses art as its response. We use fashion to tell the story of a survivor of human trafficking and engage audiences in new ways as they learn about human trafficking, what it is, and what they can do to fight it.

The UNCHAINED Fashion Show is a live performance art event that tells the story of a survivor through garments and narration. Models volunteer to walk and be a voice for the voiceless.

UNCHAINED the Film tells this same story. It walks audiences through the stages of vulnerable to victim to restoration. This film is a unique way to raise awareness and have safe conversations around this topic.


“UNCHAINED pulls the curtain open to what a woman experiences in human trafficking.”

P. (UNCHAINED Overcomer & Scholar Recipient)



UNCHAINED has been shown across the United States. From Ohio State University to Reading, PA and South Dakota to the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference. More than 16,000 people have learned about human trafficking from an UNCHAINED event.

Human trafficking is a problem that exists here in the United States and UNCHAINED’s mission is to raise awareness of this crime nationally. We will continue to raise awareness and funds for survivor needs across the nation.








Global Women's Health and Activism at Ohio State University and her experience at The University of Arts London, London College of Fashion laid the foundation for Stephanie’s work with UNCHAINED. UNCHAINED merges her two passions - to set women free by using fashion and telling stories of hope.

Political Science and International Relations led her to the Ohio House of Representatives, where she served as a Legislative Aide for the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. During that time Ohio passed its first human trafficking legislation - House Bill 262. She also spent time in Calcutta, India with Freeset, an organization that employs trafficking survivors.


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