Fighting Human Trafficking with… Accounting?| Kelly Yeager


Let’s be clear, I enjoy taxes and excel much more than the average (normal) human being. But not long into my first post-grad accounting job, I started asking myself this question: “at the end of the 8+ hour work day, what am I doing to truly impact the lives of others?”


So when I found out my firm encouraged/sponsored volunteer hours, I saw this as an opportunity to explore that answer. I could’ve chosen any cause, and it would have been well worth my time. For whatever reason, though, I could not stop thinking about UNCHAINED. I had really only heard about it a couple years ago during some time spent at my sister (and co-founder Felicia)’s church, but I decided I wanted to learn more.

With that thought, I simply reached out to Felicia to see if they could use any volunteers at a show or something. Little did I know what God had in store.

Shortly thereafter, I learned that they were searching for someone with an accounting background to join the board and help with the financial aspects of running UNCHAINED. And honestly, when Felicia asked me if I’d be willing to consider serving in that capacity, I may (or may not) have panicked.

“Probably more than I bargained for…”

“Do I have the time for something like that?”

“I literally know nothing about accounting for non-profits. Does she realize this?!”

The doubts and questions flooded my mind. Nonetheless, I agreed to pray about it and tag along for a weekend show in Detroit. Let’s just say it spiraled from there…

I got to learn more about the beautiful mission of UNCHAINED and the hearts of the people behind it. I got a picture of what it looked like to join their fight. I got to help run the show and even fill in as a model at the last minute (side note: I think I’ll stick to accounting). I got to experience firsthand the impact of the story from start to finish. And I just couldn’t walk away unchanged.

Did I leave that weekend any more confident in my abilities? No. Was I any less scared? Not quite. But I realized that this cause was bigger than my fears, insecurities, busy schedule, excuses, etc.

My encouragement/challenge to you:

  •  Don’t shy away from opportunities outside of your comfort zone.
  •  If you are simply willing to say yes, God will equip.
  •  Seek out ways to share the skills and abilities you have been gifted with (but probably take for granted).

So, friends, are you willing to bring whatever it is you have to offer (big or small, seemingly human trafficking related or not) and join the fight?


Kelly Yeager is a new board member of UNCHAINED. She recently graduated from the University of Tennessee with her Master’s in Accounting and moved to Columbus to start a job as a tax associate at an accounting firm.


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