A Father's Perspective| Charles Snee

On Jan. 28, Unchained Fashion brought their powerful fashion show to the Miami Valley Social Justice Summit in Troy, Ohio, where I have lived for almost 20 years with my wife and three daughters.

Image by Holly Lynn Photography

Image by Holly Lynn Photography

I was honored and blessed to watch my daughter Charlotte participate as a model. It wasn’t the first time one of my daughters helped bring this visually stunning clarion call against the scourge of human trafficking to life on the stage and runway. My youngest daughter, Margaret, was an Unchained Fashion Show model in 2015.

For some reason, though, seeing one of my beautiful girls in this second show hit a nerve. Seeing Charlotte bring to life the story of a victim of human trafficking forced me to contemplate the awful reality of those who treat their fellow human beings as chattel, property to be used and then discarded at will. To say that this triggered a visceral response in me would be an understatement. Thoughts raced to the unthinkable: What if one of my precious children had been spirited away, lured by the false promise of a better life?

At that moment, I sensed it was time to take a stand, to get involved beyond simply agreeing that human trafficking was bad. I wanted to participate in ways that would allow me to use my skills as a communicator and crafter of words to make a difference. Here was a grand opportunity to engage with a cause that spoke directly to me as a father of three daughters, as a man who views the modern bondage of people around the world as a grievous moral wrong.

It’s time for us men to get more active in the mission of Unchained Fashion and other groups serving on the front lines to end human trafficking. Now is the time for men to speak out, with passion and power. Now is the time to take a stand and make a difference, to bring those trapped in the darkness of bondage and degradation out into the light of beauty and love.

My journey in this noble movement has just begun. Who’s with me?


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