Frequently Asked Questions


What is UNCHAINED’s mission and vision?

Mission: To utilize artistic expression to advocate for the survivors of human trafficking through: raising awareness, empowering healing, and equipping holistic restoration.

Vision: To see every person freed, every survivor healed, and every life restored.

How does UNCHAINED raise awareness of human trafficking?

We tell the story of a survivor of human trafficking in an engaging way using fashion and art. This unique presentation of the facts and stories of human trafficking allows audiences to learn about and connect to this topic in a new way. The UNCHAINED Fashion Show and UNCHAINED the Film weave facts and narration together.

What needs does UNCHAINED’s work solve?

We raise awareness of human trafficking in the United States, an issue many people do not realize exists here. We empower and equip people with action they can take to get involved in the fight for freedom. We equip healing by raising funds for local anti-human trafficking organizations that are involved in the direct care and healing process of survivors.

Is UNCHAINED directly involved in the care of survivors?

No, but UNCHAINED fundraises for anti-human trafficking organizations that are involved in the direct care of survivors.

Where is UNCHAINED located?

We are located in Knoxville, TN, but travel across the country putting on UNCHAINED events.

Where has UNCHAINED gone?

As far north as South Dakota, as far west as Southern Indiana. From Reading, PA to Columbus, OH. From Ohio State University to the Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard University.

How can I learn more about UNCHAINED?

Visit our ‘About’ page in the footer to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we began.


What is involved at the UNCHAINED Fashion Show?

It is a live 45-minute performance art event that tells the story of a survivor of human trafficking. Its goal is to raise awareness and educate audiences on this topic. Thirty models volunteer to wear a garment in the collection and walk the runway as a voice for the voiceless. As the models walk, there is live narration weaving in the story of a survivor with facts and statistics about human trafficking.

Who designed the UNCHAINED collection?

Project Runway designer Korto Momolu while working on a project for Armani Africa in Liberia.


What is involved with UNCHAINED the Film?

UNCHAINED the Film is a 25-minute film that tells the story of a survivor of human trafficking. The film is designed to be shown in many contexts, whether that is a group of friends in your living room, or a group of 500 at a church. No matter the size of the audience, this film is a tool to raise awareness and empower audiences to take action in their communities against modern slavery.


What is human trafficking?

It is when an individual is forced or coerced into sex or labor against his or her will.

How can I learn more about human trafficking?

Visit our ‘Resources’ page in the footer to download free guides with information about human trafficking and steps you can take. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@unchainedfashion) to receive up to date facts and statistics as well as what UNCHAINED is up to across the country.


How can I make a donation to UNCHAINED?

Monthly giving and one-time gifts can be made using debit or credit cards from our website. Go to the ‘Give’ tab at the top right of the page. Checks can also be sent to:

P.O. Box #32012

Knoxville, TN


Is UNCHAINED a 501(c)3?

Yes, and its tax identification means giving is tax deductible at a donation of $500 or more per year.

Why should I give to UNCHAINED and where does my gift go?

All giving to UNCHAINED goes directly to fund our ability to raise awareness of human trafficking across the United States. Because of your generosity, we continue to reach further. Your partnership means that together we can reach further and impact more lives.


How can I fight for freedom?

The good news is there are many ways to get involved!

Bring an UNCHAINED event to your community by filling out the request form on the ‘Book an Event’ page in the footer.

Visit our ‘Buy’ page and get UNCHAINED the Film to show in your community.

Become an UNCHAINED Ambassador and use social media to raise awareness.

What is an UNCHAINED Ambassador?

The UNCHAINED Ambassadors are committed to fighting for freedom from their phones. They regularly post on social media with free posts and graphics provided by UNCHAINED. These posts shine a light on slavery. Learn more about who the Ambassadors are and what they do by visiting the ‘Ambassadors’ page in the footer.

How do I become an UNCHAINED Ambassador?

Send us an email at or message us on social (@unchainedfashion).


How can I contact UNCHAINED?

Send all inquiries to