UNCHAINED is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to ending human trafficking through awareness and prevention, and restoration of victims. UNCHAINED seeks to empower audiences & youth with the knowledge of human trafficking, signs to look for and ways to report and combat the crime.


The Unchained Fashion Show

We empower high schools, universities, community organizations and businesses to produce a fashion show that tells the story of a human trafficking survivor through garments designed to tell the story. We seek to create cultural shifts, leading to fundamental attitude shifts about sexual exploitation that will create life changing perspectives for men and women.  

The Unchained Survivor Scholarship Fund

UNCHAINED administers a Overcomer Scholarship Fund awarded to survivors of human trafficking that have completed rehabilitation programs, hold sobriety, and have mentors and community to walk them through the season of receiving the funds and getting higher education in their desired field.  We currently have six Overcomers receiving scholarships.